Under this now completely forgotten combination of letters lies an institution that was once significant and influential – the Cultural Monuments Restoration and Design Office under the Latvian SSR Ministry of Culture. Within its framework, on February 2, 1982, the Architectural Research Group was established. At that time, two people worked in the group: architect Pēteris Blūms – the pioneer of architectural research in Latvia and the ideological author of the event, and technician Ivars Johansons (1959-1989). Gradually, the research group reached its maximum capacity – 43 employees. It was a time when curiosity repeatedly surpassed knowledge, and the amount of information and the ability to understand it formed simultaneously with the specialists. This era left behind uncompiled materials in boxes, restored the Reitern and Mencendorf houses, vibrant façades of buildings, and accustomed at least part of the society to consider the history of buildings. Since that time, several people continue to work in architectural research.


The Limited Liability Company (SIA) of the research office was founded on November 29, 1991. At that time, it was already evident that the powerful state institution (at that time, the Restoration Institute had over 200 employees) could not sustain itself. The material foundation consisted of an electric saw, a few books, a radio, the ideological foundation was the strong desire to work and prove oneself in the chosen field, and the motto was “who else if not us.”


In 1997, the Architectural Research Group was enriched with new promising specialists, and gradually, a new direction of activity crystallized – the development of restoration and reconstruction projects for historical buildings. Around the year 2000, the AIG project team stabilized in its current form, gaining new specialists and enthusiasts. Currently, about half of the office’s employees are involved in restoration design, while still maintaining an interest in the research of historical buildings. Throughout its long existence, SIA “Arhitektoniskās izpētes grupa” has proven itself as a historical building research and design firm with a professional team.



ArtūrsLapiņšvaldes priekšsēdētājsarturs@AIGsia.lv
BaibaEglājavaldes loceklebaiba@AIGsia.lv
Kaiva LaumaKrastiņabiroja administratoreaig@AIGsia.lv
Projektu grupaArtūrsLapiņšarhitektssert.Nr.1-00758
Projektu grupaMārisBenfeldsbūvinženieris
Projektu grupaSabīneErtedipl. arhitekte
Projektu grupaGuntarsJansonsinterjerists, arhitekta asistents
Projektu grupaLiesmaMarkovaarhitekts sert.Nr. 1-00803
Projektu grupaMarinaMihailovaarhitekts sert.Nr. 1-00310
Projektu grupaMārtiņšReinbergsarhitekta asistents
Projektu grupaKārlisRozenštrauhsdipl. arhitekts
Izpētes grupaDaigaLēvaldearhitekte, izpētes grupas vadītājasert.Nr.1-00805
Izpētes grupaZandaBikšearhitekte, būvpētniece
Izpētes grupaIlmārsDirveiksarhitekts, būvpētniekszinātņu doktors (PhD)
Izpētes grupaIevaLieparestauratore
Izpētes grupaVijaStrupulemākslas zinātniece, būvpētniecezinātņu doktore (PhD)
Izpētes grupaRutaTaurenainterjeriste, būvpētniece
Izpētes grupaOskarsMieriņšmākslas zinātnieks


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“Arhitektoniskās izpētes grupa” SIA LV40003041528 Legal/office address: Arsenāla iela 3, Rīga , LV-1050, Latvija Phone: +371 67211253; +371 67212278 Fakss: +371 67221647 E-mail: <aig@AIGsia.lv> LR Registration No.: 40003041528 VAT Registration No. LV40003041528 Construction Merchant of LR Registration No. 2326-R

Chairman of the board: Artūrs Lapiņš
Board member: Baiba Eglāja
Bank info: A/S “Swedbanka”, SWIFT Code: HABALV22 IBAN Account No.: LV73HABA0001408036360

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