The Chapel of Berzi cemetery (monument listing No. 2840) is situated in the present location since 1920. A short insight in the concecration ceremony of the Chapel November 13, 2017.

The construction history of the Chapel commences in 1791, where octagonal Chapel of Jesus Heart was constructed in Zosuļi. During the architectural investigation it was suggested, that originally it might have similarities with Dubna chapel with several gables and antechamber. By the beginning of the nineteenth century the parish room has been added, decorated with the gable supported by four columns, neo-classical style doors and fan-shaped transom light. In 1920 the chapel has been relocated to Berzi cemetery and reconstructed, loosing part of the original details. In the course of time, the chapel has sunked int to the ground of the cemetery, not only altering its proportions, but also damaging the lower crowns of the log construction.

Four years ago by commencing of the restoration, the critical technical state of the structure was found. In 2017 the dismantled chapel was reassembled, using as much of the original details as possible. Although the complete reassembling of a historic structure is not a typical approach, Bērži chapel has preserved its authenticity through the use of traditional building tehnologies and materials – log construction, tar painted wooden roof, lime materials and clay screed.
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Restoration project: architect Artūrs Lapiņš, engineers Māris Bēnfelds, Ģirts Pavlovs, 2013., 2015. gads
Architectural investigation: Vija Strupule
Client: Balvi municipality
Demolition and tagging: SIA Tutor (2013)
Renovation works – SIA Warss (2016 – 2017)

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